Can I tell you a story about the time I went to Paris?

Paree, what can I say about the city of love and light that you don’t already know? Out of all my travels, Paris still remain my favourite city in the whole world (so far). Its beauty, history, culture, and especially French people, I just can’t seem to get enough! This is my second time returning to this beautiful city and I still have not encounter anything negative to say about France nor French people.

I’m just going let my photos speak for themselves…


Paris in the Summer



My absolute favourite ice cream in the world! The crazy thing is it’s available everywhere in France, it’s cheap, it’s a normal strawberry soft serve, but the taste is like biting into a fresh strawberry! I highly recommend you try one!


Notre Dame de Paris


Me at the Notre Dame, taken by another fellow tourist.


There’s a lot of love in Paris.


Me at the Louvre, self timer. I’ve been inside the Louvre on my last Europe Trip, and of course it’s something you must do! Give it a whole day, there’s a lot to take in, and a lot of walking! Aside from that it’s just my favourite monument to visit in Paris.


Me at the Tuileries Garden, taken by a fellow tourist.


The beautiful and timeless Pont Alexandre III.


Visited the shopping center of La Fayette, for all your high end shopping needs. Plus it’s a beautiful building so it’s worth a visit here too.


One of my favourite moments on my trip! It started RAINING, IN PARIS! One of my favourite movies of all time is Midnight in Paris, and there’s a famous line in the movie where Owen Wilson’s character suggests walking in the rain, in Paris, because it’s so beautiful. So naturally when it started raining, I literally took my umbrella out and started dancing around in the rain. #crazytourist. This is me in front of Notre Dame.


This is what happens when you ask another tourist to take a photo, they want the favour to be returned.


I love French Desserts! Most of my holiday weight comes from large consumption of French Desserts. If you’re a fan of Laduree, you must also try Pierre Herme. It’s high end French Dessert which is worth every Euro I promise!


You should see the amount of packaging that goes into buying one of their cakes!


The Sacré Cœur. Entry is free to go inside but they won’t let you take photos. Also beware of the people trying to sell you souvenirs or tying a string on your finger, or do a live drawing of you – you’ll get heavily ripped off.


View from the top of the Sacre Coeur, once again Summer in Paris is amazing!


….and of course, me at the Eiffel Tower. Picture taken at the Palais de Chaillot. Love this picture! Some strangers can take the most amazing photos for you!

p5100227-copy_8418722858_o (1)

You must see the Eiffel Tower lit up at night! The Light show is pretty spectacular!*

My Top tips for Paris

  • Hire a public bike, though I have to admit Paris is so congested it does get quite dangerous to ride around in some areas. You just need to insert your credit card payment in the bike stations, it’s quick and easy!
  • If you’re not into bike riding, buy a day trip ticket and this will give you unlimited access to train and buses.
  • Try the French bread, cheese, wine and desserts!
  • Either get up early and do your tourist adventures or book a tour online instead, because waiting in line for 3hrs is not worth wasting your holiday. It is more expensive to book for a tour, but you get to skip the line! Trust me it’s worth the extra cash!

I recommend these tours: (I have personally been on the tours, and Loved it!)

I won’t recommend Places to Visit, because Paris is just so beautiful! Check out all the tourist spots and museums, but above all get lost in Paris because you will find something amazing on every corner.

At Monet’s house and water-lily garden in Giverny*.

*This was taken on my first trip to France in 2012.

These pictures were taken in my recent trip in late June, 2014.

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