Can I tell you a story about the time I went to Lake Como?

What is it like to travel to one of the most romantic destinations in the world, alone? Freakin’ amazing!

Lake Como has been on my wish list for quite some time but I didn’t have the confidence to travel there alone, felt it would be awkward going there single and solo, being a honeymoon destination and all. But I’m so glad I did it alone! It’s definitely a place where you can take it easy and admire the mountainous views. In my previous blog I thought I could live happily in Scotland surrounded by mountains, now….I’m slightly swaying more towards Lake Como. It has mountains and a lake! Plus the warm weather and endless amount of pasta (my favourite food!).


My only advice for solo travellers to Como is maybe settle for a day trip from Milan. Como is pretty pricy on accommodation and food, but then again it’s top quality, you get what you pay for! I can see why A listers choose to holiday here. Sadly, no I didn’t see George Clooney.



I stayed in Cernobbio, mainly because it’s close to Central Como, I didn’t realised I was staying in the more up market area. But to get around, ferry is the way to go. Although it took 2 hrs on the ferry from Cernobbio to Bellagio, the view up Lake Como was completely worth it!

If you’re travelling on a budget, I suggest catching a train from Milano Centrale to Como Giovanni, you can even buy the ticket on the day (prices are set online and on the day of purchase) or even straight to Varenna, where you can catch a ferry to Bellagio for €4.80 per way.

Towns along Como will enchant you with their endless mountain views and stunning houses. I spent my day wandering around Bellagio alley ways, having a drink with some locals and ate my weight in pasta and gelato (not an attractive sight, luckily I was travelling alone then!). Because what else would you do when you’re in Italy?


The view from my accommodation. Also note, I would hike up and down the mountain everyday to get ‘home’. Good exercise! I stayed at Della Torre, which essentially is a restaurant/budget hotel. The staff are lovely and humble. My only complaint is it can get quite loud in the night, and my room constantly smelt like pizza, which meant I was hungry – all the time! A dream for some, but a tragedy for me.

My return flight was from Milan. Spent my afternoons exploring what Milan has to offer – basically lots of shopping. And walking around pigeons (so many pigeons!)



If you’re up for a bit of sight seeing, jump on a classic Milano tram and go check out their Central Park, Parco Sempione. There, you can also check out the castle too.
Til next time Italy, I’ll be back to get my next dosage of enchantment spell from you!

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