Can I tell you a story about the time I went to Norway?

I paid £1 for one apple, things are not cheap in Norway. But it sure is peaceful and beautiful.

I spent 4 days in Norway on a budget, and it’s definitely do-able! Here’s how:
– Keep an eye out for cheap deals online for airfares, book your return flight on weekdays. I flew out on Friday morning and returned on Monday morning, £60.
– I stayed in hostels, which were clean, the staff were so friendly and helpful
– Eating on a budget can be hard, but there are cheap hot dogs everywhere, or there’s a supermarket somewhere close. Most hostels will have a communal kitchen.
– You can walk the entire city without public transport nor bike hire
– You can pre-book bus tickets to the airport for cheap if you do it in advance


With the Opera House in the background




Norway during summer is basically 24 hours daylight. Norway in winter is another story, the sun sets around 2pm. I can now understand why people get depressed with little light, vitamin D contributes a lot to our mood, and shorter days means you’re doing less outdoors activities. After 2pm I was finding myself wandering around aimlessly and to be honest, a bit bored. Then something incredible happened. The most beautiful sunset I have ever seen appeared in the sky. The vibrant colours were so strong it looked as if I was witnessing another big bang somewhere in the universe. It made up for not seeing the northern lights in Norway!




Christmas Markets in Oslo, you can find Reindeer burgers here!


Dinner at the Grand Cafe in Oslo.

When I was planning a weekend in Norway I knew that it was going to be cold and shorter days. I got myself prepared for proper hibernation mode. Especially, after a few sleepless nights, it was so nice to stay in my hostel where I had the entire room to myself! Perks of travelling off season. It was the perfect relaxing weekend that I needed.

My only splurge on this trip is trying to fit as much in as possible in one weekend. So I booked myself on a tour. It got me from Oslo to Bergen and everything in between.

On the train from Oslo to Myrall where everything was frozen over, even the lake!

Getting on the old Flamsbana (I do love a good steam train) to Flam – Fjords! I got a little obsessed with comparing it to Arendelle (from Frozen)



The town of Flam.



The tour included a cruise ride down the Fjords.

Unfortunately, because there was limited sunlight, I could barely see anything. It was beautiful, but I would recommend doing the cruise in summer. Plus in summer you can hike up these mountains! An excuse for me to go back!

Good morning Bergen.


Morning hike up the mountain in Bergen with this breathtaking view!


I should note that there is a train you can take to go up too.



Walking around the town of Bergen and admiring the traditional homes.



Christmas comes alive in Norway as it is after all close to the North Pole.

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