Can I tell you a story about the time I went to New York?


View from Top Of the Rock at night

New York City! What can I say about the city that never sleeps that you don’t already know? This trip was so special for me on a personal level as I have dreamed about this city since I was 16! All I have to say is that it was a lot bigger than I had anticipated.

I have to say firstly, I did have a good trip, but the only problem with NYC is that I was trying really hard to fall in love with the city and just couldn’t get there. To be honest I never imagined to go there on my own. I don’t know whether it was because I was there on my own that I didn’t feel like the city captured my heart like I imagined it would, or it was because I have grown up to know what I enjoy in life, and being surrounded by concrete isn’t one of them.

Don’t get me wrong, I had a wonderful time in NYC, it is the most diverse city I’ve ever been to, and there is something for everyone there, you definitely can’t get bored. But it’s not a city where I could call it home.

And like most of my trips, it was certainly a whirlwind! 4 days in New York and seeing everything on my list, yep – I achieved it! That was probably the best part of my trip, was making it like a game where I had to finish with the highest score possible!

Here’s my guide on how to do everything in NYC in 4 days:

Start with planning out when you’re going. I went in March which can be a hit or miss, or like me you can get both! Weather wise I had two days of extreme cold -6 (it can snow in March too) and the other two days of humidity 16 degrees. The best thing about travelling in March is that the lines for the tourist attractions are at a minimal. The longest waiting time was 20mins, which is nothing in comparison to 3 hours during summer!


Map out what you want to do and see. This is crucial as there’s so much to do and see! If you’re lacking inspiration, check out this list. Get yourself a New York City pass. For the price you pay it actually works out to be cheaper than individual ticketing. I paid for 1 day pass and did all the major sights. Most of the time I just wanted to sit on the Big Tour Bus because the commentary was so funny! If you plan on doing one day pass I would recommend not doing any museums. A lot of people don’t realise that most museums are free (technically) but you do require to donate – read the fine line on the pricing board.

Another clever way of mapping out what you want to do is saving the spots on google maps. My map looks something like this.

I stayed in New Jersey city and caught the Path into Manhattan everyday which was only 20mins. The subway and buses are $2.75 per ride, sounds cheap but it quickly adds up and can be expensive. I would recommend you get a 7 day pass which is $33 and it’s unlimited, you should do this if you’re getting the train into the city from the airport.

I started my first day in NY with all the major tourist attractions out of the way, and the Big Bus tour was great to get my bearings of the city.


Time Square during the day


View from the Empire State Building in the morning, worth it to skip the queue.



Hello Ms Liberty


View from Liberty Island. Yeah…there’s something special about New York, can’t get sick of this view.



The Met Museum


My favourite room in the Met – the Cafeteria!


Rocketfeller Center

Time Square at night. I got the chance to see Phantom of the Opera on Broadway. Download Today Tix or Last Minute for cheap tickets.




Tom’s Restaurant – where they filmed Seinfeld. Also, a block away is Columbia University where you can stop and check out their famous library.


NYC public library – I do love a good library.



Interiors of the public library


The famous Grand Central Station

Dumbo – in Brooklyn with a view of the Manhattan Bridge.



Walking over the Brooklyn Bridge, Tip: do it at sunset from Brooklyn side to Manhattan, that way you’ll see the sunset behind the city.




A beautiful Sunset.

Best things to do in NYC are free, like walking the Highlines and hanging out in the Meatpacking district.



Views from the Highlines


If you don’t already know, the Highlines were once a rail network which was closed down and now turned into a roof garden looked after by New Yorkers volunteers. Such a lovely concept! Especially in a city where gardens are limited.


If you can’t afford a ferry to Liberty Island, catch the Staten Island Ferry and you’ll see the Statue of Liberty on the ferry for FREE!


On a more quiet day, do ALL of the museums, conveniently they are all located quite close to one another.


MoMA, here you will see the original works of Warhol, Jackson Pollock, Picasso and the famous Starry night painting from Van Gogh.




A quick stop by Central Park before heading to your next museum.


Also stop by and see the John Lennon Memorial in Strawberry fields in Central Park, where Yoko donated $1M to build the memorial.



Kinda wish it was more green, but it was still Winter for March.


The Natural History Museum



My favourite museum! The Guggenheim, not only does it hold priceless artwork but the architecture of the building alone is beautiful.




The 9/11 Memorial, which is spectacular! Even more so at night. It’s such an eerie area to be around (maybe that’s just me feeling it) but it does pull on your heart strings.


The newly built Oculus (Shopping center) which was designed to inspire ‘taking flight’, and also conveniently leads to the subway for the PATH.


Inside the Oculus.

And of course, you can’t go to NYC without experiencing American food! So much food to sample!

This was my favourite, Cereal flavoured ice cream – delicious! Worth the trip to NY alone!

Cheesy chilli fries. Enough said.

The original Harlem Shake (the song inspired from the diner!) you must try the Red Velvet milk shake, it was soooo good!

and lastly the famous New York cheesecake, which is basically sold everywhere.

Now I’m just going to roll myself back home…

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