The Best of England


I’ve been living in London for over a year now. And I love it, I can now call it home.

It hasn’t always been easy but having great friends, a good job and easy access to travelling makes it easier. But I now understand why the Brits are so obsessed with the sun! It makes a massive difference in your mood for the day.

But then again I do quietly like the rain, there’s something romantic about London in the rain, it’s just classic England and I wouldn’t picture it any other way.

Now I have to admit I haven’t travelled a great deal in the UK mainly because it’s so expensive. It’s quite common for people to go to Spain for the weekend than to travel to another major city within England. The cost of a train ticket is more expensive than a flight. Crazy I know!

This recent long weekend my friend and I were determined to make it to Cornwall as it was on both of our wishlists. We got up early and caught the train to Truro which is a 5 hour long journey, from there we picked up our hired car and drove another 45mins to our Airbnb in Penzance.

Yes, you will need to hire a car if you’re travelling to Cornwall. You can probably get away with public transport but there isn’t much to do if you’re not venturing out to more secluded areas via car.

By the time we reached Cornwall it was lunch time, so we decided to visit St Ives and enjoy the sunshine while it lasts. I’m not even kidding, it only lasted for about 2 hours before it went cloudy again. Classic England.







St Ives is home to the bluest water in the UK. It actually feels like you’re in another country, like Greece or Portugal. Waves are not big though, and the water is still cold. The locals were still wearing wet suits to go in the water.

While you’re in St Ives, make sure you try their famous Cornish Pasty too! The cheese and onion is my favourite!


After St Ives, we decided to head to Land’s end for dinner and see if we can catch the sunset. Unfortunately it was quite cloudy so we couldn’t really see the sun, but on a clear day it would be spectacular I’m sure!

Land’s End is the most southern point of England. Whilst there we did a mini hike to see the famous iconic Cornwall rock.




The next day we stayed local in Penzance and checked out St Michel’s Mount. This is a sister castle to the one in France and slightly smaller.

We went in the morning around 10am, it was still high tide then so we needed to get the boat over. But on our return route it was low tide and we were able to walk across. Glad we got the chance to experience both!




A church sits on top of the mountain.

We got there just in time for Sunday mass!




View from the top.


Low tide.

After this we headed north to the Lost Gardens of Heligan. Even the drive up alone was beautiful with all the canopy trees tunnels. If you’re driving here, be careful of the narrow roads – they are two ways!


The Lost Gardens:





On our last day before we headed back to London, we quickly stopped by this beautiful cove, along the Lizard Coastal line – Kynance Cove.





These cows know how to find a good view.

Aside from Cornwall, thought I’ll share with you a few of the other destinations I’ve been to in the England.

From South England to Northern England – I finally had my Geordie Shore weekend I’ve always wanted.



Especially if you’re from Sydney and feeling a little home sick, you can go to Newcastle and look at the bridge – kinda looks like home?


We made a pitt stop on the way to Newcastle and stopped by York.

Feels like stepping into Harry Potter world.



And of course the Cotswold. I’ve been to Bath before and it’s beautiful, and this time around I got the chance to travel to the Cotswold with work but unfortunately didn’t get the chance to take many photos of the surroundings, but clearly I enjoyed a little too much just hanging out in my hotel room.



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