Can I tell you a story about the time I went to Northern Italy looking for the Dolomites?


Italy never disappoints. I would use any excuse to travel to Italy, and there’s so much to see and do! On this trip, I was determined to see the Dolomites mountains.

There are a few ways to get to Bolzano, which is in South Tyrol, I’ve chosen to fly into Milan and made my way up via train. Now, if I had the chance to do this over again I would strongly recommend staying for 5 days. I went for a total of 3 days, which was a nice taster but I didn’t get a chance to do any hiking. Which is what the Dolomites are known for!

From Milan I caught two trains, first one was Milan to Verona, then Verona to Bolzano. It can take around about 3-4 hrs depending if the trains are on time. I don’t mind the journey as much, especially when the view from the train is pretty gorgeous on its own.

First leg of the journey – Milan. Also this is now the third time I’ve been to Milan, it is just so well connected!





Finally got the chance to go to the top of the Dumo.



Then of course a quick bite to eat before my long train ride up to Bolzano. Plus it’s an Italian pizza – how can I resist?


Once I reached Bolzano, my hotel accommodation came with a free tourist card which allowed free access to all public transport, free entries to museums and famous land marks. The first thing I did was jump on the 170 Bus to Seiser alm (the bus stop is outside Bolzano station) to catch the sunset over the Dolomites.


The next day I wandered around the main square to get my bearings before attempting the Dolomites again.



The main square. Everything in Bolzano is quite affordable. Gelato was 1 Euro a scoop!






To get to the proper starting point of the Dolomites, you catch the 170 bus to Seiser Alm, the bus should drop you off right outside the cable cars.


You take the cable car up into the mountains, which is approx 17 Euros for a return trip. I should also note that this area is mainly a Ski Slope in winter.

View from cable car.


My first view after the cable cars is the Dolomites. It was spectacular! I highly recommend you spend 2 days hiking around this beautiful area. I didn’t get the chance to, but if I had more time I would of!





Back in Bolzano, I had the chance to check out the Archaeology Museum which entails seeing a real frozen caveman artifact! It was actually pretty cool!

Also, with my Bolzano card I also had free access to the town’s cable cars too. Which was a beautiful viewing point to watch the sunset. Not for the faint hearted as it’s quite high!



View from the cable car, feels like you were climbing mountains after mountains.

Once you reach the top, it feels like you just crossed borders into Austria!


Around this region it is very common to hear Italian people speak German and Italian, or as I found it – confusing. Either way, it was lovely to see the two nationalities get along in the one region.

On my third day, I took my time going back into Milan to catch my evening flight. I spent a few hours in Verona as I haven’t visited there before.







The best way to describe Verona is that it’s quintessentially Italian. From the people to the landscape, everything was perfect in every detail.






My friend recommended I stop by the Due Torri Hotel, which is conveniently next to the Lamberti Tower. This hotel has a cute rooftop bar which over looks the city. And they make a real good Aperol Spritz!



And of course, I couldn’t go to Verona without seeing Juliette’s balcony.


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