Can I tell you a story about my European Christmas Markets adventure?


December, 2019

This is a quick blog showcasing some of the European Christmas markets I recently experienced. This short European trip was spent mostly in Slovenia. But I flew into Germany and started my Christmas market tour in Dusseldorf, before heading south to Slovenia. One of the many reasons why I love Europe – how easy it is to border cross into different countries.

I flew into Dusseldorf and spent a full day catching up with my fellow Aussie friends.

Germany definitely knows how to do Christmas. If only it had snowed to make it picture perfect. Dusseldorf is on the quick rise of liveable cities in Germany, I say move over Berlin because Dusseldorf is coming in hot! This city is now multicultural, filled with international students, expats and a new generation of gentrification.

Freshly smoked fish on a roll! So good! Washed it down with some mulled wine and my night was made.

Our next market, was Luxembourg! Similar to Dusseldorf, Luxembourg’s Christmas markets are spread throughout the city, meaning there’s more for you to walk and feast your eyes on.

I love the level of decorations that goes into these markets!

Fresh pasta, perfect for a cold night. These markets are opened every night from the beginning of December through to the first few days into January.

Hot chocolate with a shot of Baileys. Some people like to collect Christmas Market mugs. If I started to do this, I would have at least a dozen by now. But my minimalist nature prevents me from forming this collection.

The next day we drove in France, heading for Strasbourg, one of the biggest Christmas Markets in all of Europe. Had to take a break from driving, stopped in the quaint city of  Metz.

Not as busy as other cities, but still equally just as committed to Christmas.

We had lunch at Fox cafe, would recommend, it was delightful and smelt like grandma’s house.

We arrived in Strasbourg just before the sun started to set. This market required a lot of time and a lot of walking to explore the hundreds of stalls.

In this city, the locals spare no expenses in getting into the holiday spirit!

I can’t describe Strasbourg in words, other than it’s magical, in every sense of the word.

Watching the sunset on the canals.

In the main square with the giant Christmas tree.

On route to our next stop, which is actually somewhere I’ve been before, but fell in love with the hotel and the scenery that I had to go back! Stayed one night at the Cambrian in Switzerland, before we took off again. You can read more about my Adelboden trip here.

Quick stop to admire Lake Blausee.

We drove to Lichtenstein for lunch, but to my disappointment there were no Christmas markets in this little country. That night we stay in the little town of Hammersbach, on the border of Austria and Germany.

The next morning we stopped by my friend’s place for breakfast, before we dropped the hired car off in down town Munich.

I’ve never been to Munich, and seeing it at Christmas was very lively, as I’m sure is for Oktoberfest!

For my next few Christmas Markets, we explored the smaller cities in Slovenia.

Stay tuned for my next blog!

Scenery from Hammersbach.

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